August 4, 2014

Sunday in Oslo

Sunday, Sunday… How can I describe you?

How about with the first time I saw apples? There were several apple trees in the public garden we passed by. At first I didn't believe they were apples because they were too small, but T and his cousin insisted they were apples, and when people who grew up with apples tell you you're looking at apples, then you ought to believe them.

How about with the beautiful windows in the old Oslo buildings? Helping T's cousin look at an apartment for sale in Gamlebyen (The Old City) only reminded me how much I want T and I to get our own place. I'd give up the balcony for a quaint communal courtyard. I'd give up the huge space for bigger windows. I'd give up the proximity to public transportation for the charm of forgotten streets.

Sunday, Sunday… You've reminded me that I'm living a new life now. That I'm miles and miles away from my family and friends and that I'll just have to make do with telling myself that all new things I'm experiencing, I'm experiencing for them as well -- apples that have not yet fully grown and 35-square meter apartments that are enough to buy mansions in the Philippines.

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