October 23, 2006

there's something attractive about you right now... but dangerous..

along Mandaue highway, 2006

Nikki, Chai's sister and twin-enemy-soul, thought I was describing one of my dreams again.

"Ver, basi there's something attractive about you right now... but dangerous"

On my way to the station, along Mandaue highway's heat and dust, this motorbike swerved past the sorry little piece of the PUV-multicab I was riding in. I am not so much into motorbikes, but this one definitely caught my attention.

The man driving was in a white shirt and black helmet.

Tattoed on his lower right arm:


jac said...

Vera, he's a Mouse Rider. Good morning.

ivi said...

hi ver,

it's been a long time since i said/wrote anything to you. and i miss your not listening but listening look.

anyway, your motorbike guy looks ordinary, his tattoo a cliche (um, destiny? hello? really, he could have been more creative..) but his motorbike rocks.

i'm here in ormoc now and i'm surrounded again by too much comfort. that's why i stick to the plan not to stay here for too long a time because i might get stuck. in two days, i'm almost stuck.

dear, i miss you. hope to see you soon. your entries are sad. or is that just standard vera writing?

oh, yeah. yeah.

ver, i await your first entry that would sound like you're typing away while jumping on a trampoline (did i get that right?) or burried in a bowl of cotton candy. i'm not saying you should write mundane, shallow stuff (because that's never you). i'm just suggesting that you put some happy streak to your posts. even just to make it seem like it. either way, i love you birali.


veraLeigh said...

>>mouse rider?

>>really rocks jud. as in it was grayish or white (sorry, can't pick color by color that well), and shiny and beautiful... nakalimot gud ko sa abog ug sa kainit.

i only saw the tattoo later, mga the fifth time nga nilabay sa akong kilid.

it was not about the man with "the" tatoo.

it was more of the word itself that came unexpected.

do i sound sad? or do i sound plain? haayy...

i'm piecing myself together with little plans that will have me "in focus" til May. After that, nothing but good old opened arms for me again. Bahalag unsay muabot.

chelsea said...

omg! theres actually a guy who believes in destiny? wow. where do i find him? hehe

veraLeigh said...

well, to compensate for that cliche tattoo (as ivi puts it), the man appeared cute, clean.. and with a nice built...i didnt get to see his face though.

but the helmet was shiny black and more attractive, so faceless man suits me fine still.

* diday kampupot * said...

HoTT!!! ;)

veraLeigh said...

waahhh... now it's all about the man, eh?

i shouldn't have placed the picture... :)