March 19, 2007


My eight-hour, five-day office schedule is highlighted by Dave Matthews Band singing to wake me up and help me avoid hitting my drooping head on the computer screen.

For the nth time, my headphones got busted again. The left (or right) earpiece always manages to 'malfunction' itself and I'm left with lonely right (or left) ear blasted with songs it can never share with left (or right) ear.

I told my boss I will quit by May. And "Yes, I am decided already," and "No, there's no possibility of extending my stay. I've given much thought on this already."
"I admit I will be taking a risk, but better to do that than forever wonder what I could have done more outside these office walls."
"No, I can't see myself being Ms-Corporate-Communication-head in the future."
"Yes, I feel more fulfilled outside."

There's a song replaying a thousand times in my head, "I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch//an onion patch//an onion patch//Hmmmm//hmmm."

Then again, there's another song I'd love to dance to - Amber as interpreted by String Quartet.


whiteblind said...

Saying no still does make me feel guilty, but it's something I have to learn to do or risk getting stepped on. I read you just said no to your boss. Congratulations.

ivi said...

yay vera! the corporate world will be eating your dust! i had a longer message of congratulations BUT your comment board didn't work the first time around so...

... can't wait to tell the story of my big "NO!"... i shall overcome because it will come.

- rain - said...'re finally moving on. i won't wish you luck anymore. i know you're gonna do good.