July 29, 2014

Two birthdays and a wedding

There was a birthday celebration with pancit bihon because it felt special making it myself and because the non-belief in longer life when you have pancit on your birthday can be set aside. There was a Skype call with my Mom, who told me it was a good idea to make pancit. There was that day before the birthday and that Skype call and a wish that my Mom was in Norway. There was a daughter who misses her mother.

There was another birthday 19 days after mine. There was grilling in the park. There was playful planning on an imaginary trip to Denmark to experience the Roskilde music festival. There was love, five years in the making, and several more years to come, with or without Roskilde music festivals.

There was a wedding in Switzerland. There was a groom who had the same name as my husband and a bride who is like a sister to me. There was the delicious reality that I have one of my best friends very near me now, less than a two-hour plane ride away.

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