May 3, 2007

a friend tagged 'Sugbuanong Magbabalak' on-screen

cameraman Peter Gornez who found it hard to believe Ana is 28, photo by Ana
It was a 9-PM-shoot and friend Ana Escalanti-Neri (who recently won 2nd prize of the prestigious Phils Free Press Annual Literary Awards) was very much cooperative (nah, we were just our usual kalog selves).
My stand-upper, "Alang kang Ana, ang nadawat niyang ganti sa Free Press dugang inspirasiyon sa padayon pa niyang pagsuwat og mga balak" is one of my favorites (and for the first time, my script editor only changed a line from what I wrote :))
Ana and I both sounded like we knew what we were talking about, we must have fooled a lot of people this morning!

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