April 20, 2007


So what do you do when you find out that the BIG boss doesn't like you?
What do you do when you make a BIG decision to give up one for the other, and then you find out that on that other side of the fence, the BIG boss doesn't like you.
You go home.
You go home because you feel extremely small and really, that is the only place you can go to.
This time you are grateful there's that one place.
You go home and notice for the first time in a very long while how happy home really is. How there are too many people in a small house and yet they always manage to move around in big, infectious laughter. Everyone's happy. So you join in. Slowly. Like saying something about the coffee cup's color. Or not scolding your younger brother while he parks his bike beside the computer table.

You go home and you feel so much better.


Michael U. Obenieta said...

Hi, Vera dear! How about having a huge comfort beyond your big boss with this wise words: "In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning..."

veraLeigh said...

and you, srm, are going away. *sniff** hehe.

bitaw, sige gud. lakaw. we'll seriously miss you.

Mayette Q. Tabada said...

hi, vera

in behalf of weekend, may i request your permission to feature this in the blogplug section?

salamat for advising,

my email is (am helping out while myke's on leave)

veraLeigh said...

hi mdm :)
yehey, you found time to visit this page again :)

sirM's status is on-leave?

anyway, for the blog-plug section?
sure, sure.
this wouldnt get me in trouble anyway, haha. :)