March 6, 2007


Russ in his opening performance for his solo exhibit at Tapas Lounge, Crossroads Banilad.
Exhibit runs until Mar14

CAUTION: The rainbow flag, green blood, homo icarus, and other queer references you may or may not want to see.

Friend, brother, father, sister, enemy, god, superhero, clown, I-will-not-say-sorry-but-I-love-you-let-me-kiss-you-on-the-cheeks-before-I-go-to-simbang-gabi, red cheeks, secret-keeper, red heart, I-am-silent-because-I-am-don't-ask-me-why, skinny-dipping buddy, dance partner, wine-sipper, rat-killer, wide-eyes-while-looking-for-ways-of-preparing-AVP, backstreet-boy-or-nsync-audition, vice-chairperson, chair, or table perhaps, little buddha, redhead, existentialist, Kerouac in my head, radio-busted, my little petunia, ow my lonely little petunia, dart player who would end all games and end all that is left of the world, thinks I'm happy and sad and adorable and beautiful and hysterical and wants to kill me and wants to love me or save me from myself, wants to prove the impossible exists, Bjork with her blindness in the film reflected in his eyes, watermelon-seeker, with cake designed in crazy miniature fruits, drinking buddy who saw me in bobble-head madness, turtled in sleep, poor cellphone died in his palms, no-way-can-I-get-myself-enough-of-you, so let's sing your 1000 tracks while wine spills in my blue blouse.

For everything.
Nine years and counting.

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