December 3, 2006

Dissolving into molecules

A sleepy and curiously cave-like hotel room is not that special a hide-away, but who cares really. I have two, adorable pillows with me. Never mind their usual morphing into &*$%$^-knows-what. They're 'that', and that's that. Appropriated words and reactions to (and by) people around me really scare and rip off the child in me. These two take me back spinning well and happy, so thank God for unusual friends. Chai, of course, is a text message and sms-poetry away, so thank you mobile phones.

What played on TV when we finally decided we can lie down and channel-scan?
Before Sunset.
Oh God. Now we've dissolved into molecules.


* diday kampupot * said...

Before Sunset. i have yet to watch it. is it really good? Ü i heard there's a lot of talking.

veraLeigh said...
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veraLeigh said...

there's definitely a lot of talking.

it's like watching a moving play (and how lovely France can definitely get in this film...)

so the story as you watch it occurs in real time.

9years before "Before Sunset" was released, "Before Sunrise" hit the screens, same cast (Hawke and Delpy) and same director (Linklater). It showed the first meeting of Jessie and Celine..they only had time together before sunrise, complete strangers but seemingly molding that easily into each other (hehe, forgive the description :))

Apparently, Linklater and the pair corresponded with each other and together, came up with the story for Before Sunset... oh dear, I'm blabbing too much, hehe.

tan-aw na.

Anonymous said...

i love the same two movies. i'm not usually fond of love stories, but these two top my list because there's less mushy scenes and more intellectual connection. there is true love in conversations!

Hiraya said...

vera, please tell everyone there in cebu... please rally for panky and jay-r sa pda, whoever is gullible enough to do so...i know i've been ranting about it, but for what it's worth...CEBUANOS RALLY FOR PANKY AND JAY-R...