March 11, 2007

"Kuntento na ka?"

Asked the woman who cut my hair.

Of course not.
Try to shut up please and comb my hair softly.
I know it's thick, black -- and you wonder why, and you ask me like the others before, did you have your hair dyed? And I say no again for the thousandth time -- probably stubborn, and difficult to deal with.
But I'm trying to be happy while getting lost inside SM on this extremely lonely Sunday. So please, be patient with my hair.

Smile, too. Make me believe I am worth your time.


- rain - said...

pagpasensiyahan mo na, ver. they don't understand true beauty.

veraLeigh said...

i'm "in bangs" dear! hehe.

seriously, i was walking around the square mall (and sometimes I hate SM for that, i mean what could be worse than going around in circles -- or squares -- and getting lost...grrrrr) alone and... uhm, well, alone.
haaay. sad.

if it's any consolation though, I love THE hair now. :) said...

definitely charming with the new cut. BANGS look good on yeah gurl! (nibata ug samot!)