February 22, 2007

finally getting that wish of being alone

the address says, room 901, 4/A Fairview Mansion, 51 Paterson St.

No. The trip wasn't all candy-coated. When the rest of the crew went home to Cebu, I checked in at a pension house in Causeway Bay. I had what could be the most silent crying time in my life while watching my little space in the pension house alone. I thought to myself that this is God's way of showing me, child, you see you can't leave home after all, but don't go looking for your mother yet, you have to ride this old elevator at least seven times today, up, down, up, down, try to be grown-up, don't open the windows, outside it's grey and cold.

top, Starbucks at Kingston St., Causeway Bay
bottom, Fashion Island just across where I stayed

Central Hong Kong and Wan Chai are hell places. There are many Filipinos there but I felt more alienated around the streets there than around Kowloon and Causeway Bay. I didn't last an hour there. All I loved were the red walls at the MTR station. MTR stations are almost always crowded. Each station is color-coded. Only the red in Central Hongkong made me feel like I was at home.

MTR stations cover most of the areas around Kowloon and Hong Kong island, not necessarily the cheaper way to jump from one district to another, but it gets you to where you are supposed to go faster and safer. There are buses and trams, but Hong Kong's MTR system is the friendliest and easiest transportation choice for tourists and newcomers.

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