April 1, 2007


Beautiful, beautiful morning.

First day of April, and Chai says new beginnings need not be on the 1st of January.

This April would mark important dates in my calendar. On its 29th, I'll turn 22. 6th and 7th magpuasa ko sa laag ug mosugot sa 6am-2pm on-field shift. I just wish Good Friday and Black Saturday would reserve good stories for me to forward to ANC, as that is where my 'goods' are delivered. On the 14th, I'd try to visit Dumaguete and Yenyen, get drunk, visit Silliman's library, and scavenge for feature stories. 11 is when that boy I thought I would forever be in love in would turn 23. I'll send him a birthday message, kiss sour-graping goodbye, and gather enough forgiveness in a limited SMS. April 3 is when I begin to count until May 3; last days in this corporate office gives me both excitement and sudden hesitations. 29 is also the day little Gerome passed away. I plan to visit Leyte, walk the long path of my childhood summers, and refuse to go bitter about life while I place flowers on Gerome and Nanay's graves.

As with April 1, twilight zone is red wine, four sticks of black bat, discussion on sex and eligible jerks, serene commercial park, yellow stairs, and some silly photos of myself, Liyo and Chai.
It is April Fool's day after all and, sitting on the gutters after 24 hours of a literally sleepless day, I found out that the sun still shines and that I can always say it is golden and beautiful.
Cebu Business Park, 6AM, Apr1'07
photos by Liyo
other photos at Mango Square and 7th flr Cebu Holdings Center
here and here


mawixs said...

vers i hope i get that feeling when i turn 21 this summer pod. i hope its beautiful as yours. i hope meaningful. and now i sleep... i've been awake for 28 hours and counting. and then i go to work tonight at nine til' one. hope i collapse. i hope i force sa ako body nga matulog na ko. damn..

ivi said...

you are a brave girl, aren't you? the way you sound talking about this guy "you would want to forever fall in love in..." almost does not differ if you said his name out loud. or do i have the wrong guy in mind? and having admitted that you're having last minute jitters about saying goodbye... i salute! that's ok ver.

you posts sound happier. one day, we will find..

soon, dear!

veraLeigh said...

wow. thanks ivs.

and yes, i think i'm happier this time. afraid, too.

it's jim. but things change. time does change some things.