February 22, 2007

happy balloons this time

People walk in a hurry. Even when they are choosing stuff in stores and booths, there is that irritating rush. Only the lovers in the streets seem to be indifferent with time. Sometimes they kiss while trams and taxis pass by. They don't mind. Perhaps they are happy. Together. Not rushing. I don't understand why.

top, commuters rush to buy tickets and transfer from one MTR station to the next
bottom, Tsim Sha Tsui, perhaps Hong Kong's busiest commercial district

walking around one of Kowloon's streets

The place is extremely tourist-friendly; never mind that majority of the locals speak very few English words. I don't need a tour guide in Hong Kong. Except if I want to go to New Territories. I'm not particularly sad about missing the ferry last Monday that brought different representatives from various foreign media outlets to some old villages. I got my media badge though for the fireworks display with a view from Harbour City. I would never forget the mix of alien music and the magnificent display of lights splaying playfully between the Hong Kong and Kowloon sky for more than 20 minutes.
foreign media at the rooftop of Harbour City for the fireworks display
news chief msMaryAn, production staff/cameraman-for-the-night Greg and fellow SP Kara

In all, I had my share of lost in translation.
And if I had to travel totally alone for a day in a foreign place again, muadto gihapon ko sa way pagduha-duha.
Disneyland's entrance
balloon-backdrop at Main St. USA, Disneyland


liyo_denorte said...


u'v made it big time!
can't say much other than "wow.."

keep on sailing,

iviviviviviviv said...


i don't want a hongkong, i just want that experience to be out there and to be alone. i thought you'd really love your solitude.. was it fear of the strange land that ruined the moment? the fear that something wrong might happen? because i'm scared myself. i always thought you're braver than i am; if you can't bear it in a foreign land alone, how many seconds would i last??

eeeeeee, want to be anywhere but here (so feeling natalie in anywhere but here). but not too far away from home. (?) miss yooooooo!

veraLeigh said...
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veraLeigh said...

ivs, i still enjoyed my 'solitude'
but, strange people...there. that's more like it.


anyway, i'm sure you'd last a day also. although, i believe, you will make a hundred phone calls to friends and family within that span of time :) heh