May 24, 2007


What is it with recurring dreams of getting stuck in an elevator?

This is how it happens.

I want to go three or five floors higher. The elevator is going up from the groundfloor and I wait. It is slow. Must be busted. It opens. I get in. Someone else gets in with me. Sometimes man, sometimes woman.
One floor up.
It stops. Goes up again.
Stops. Goes up again.
Inside, it feels like that heavy gurgling sensation before choking. It doesn't feel safe anymore. Man or woman looks at me; just looks at me with this "what do we do? let's get out of here" plea in the eyes. I get irritated.
Man or woman pushes a button and gets out.

I end up stopping at the topmost floor of the building. The elevator doesn't open. I don't panic. And that's when I start thinking, or whatever it is you do in dreams that makes you say to yourself, I'm dreaming, I'm sleeping and I'm having this elevator dream.

It doesn't open.
And here's what I do.

I climb up and exit from the roof and end up standing in a vertical tunnel.


Mawixs said...

mao bah? true na vers?
wow creepy but di man ko mahadlok ana!

Chai said...

i like replying to your posts that i have not replied to, or missed reading because I was away.

about rising elevator: a rise in status an wealth (whatever aspect you can relate this in your waking life. i'm thinking this was about your resigning from your job in CHI). Slow, though.

about an elevator not letting you off: your emotions have gotten out of control.

and so you struggle to get out of it and it's still a long way up.