April 20, 2014

Nine days

Nine days before I turn 29.

Last week, I realized I'll be hitting that special birthday.

I guess I was in my late teens when I "learned" that when your age is the same as your calendar birthdate, it's supposed to be celebrated in a special kind of way. I may not remember who I heard this from or where I read it, but I do remember thinking, Mine's 29. No rush and no worries. I can afford an extra special birthday by then.

And here I am, nine days away from turning 29. Paying some bills on an Easter Sunday and wishing money grows on trees so I can outshine my 26th birthday - celebrated in two countries, carefree as a 17-year-old out to conquer the world and pit-stopping at a music festival, booze, long hair, snubbing maps, and breaking rules.

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