September 13, 2011


The sun is retreating and is giving way to the blow of the colder wind. It sets at around 8pm now, and has left its long summer nights of setting at around 12 midninght.

The wind is fierce, and the fog relentless especially in the early mornings. I wake up to 7 degrees C to 10 degrees C now. My clothes are getting heavier every day, keeping true to the chant, "Ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær," - There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

I comfort myself by anticipating my first orange or golden-brown leaves. I have the chance to go beyond seeing only pictures of the fall now. Everyday while riding home after school, I look out the window and wait for my first real fall.

I told T I look forward to the trees getting ready to sleep, and the colors they cloak themselves in. He responded the trees are getting ready to suck in all their green, store them in their trunks and roots and let the leaves die, in preparation for winter.

While sunlust is inevitable for me, I have no choice but to 'warm up' to the weather of the far north. And if leaves are my only consolation for now, then so be it.

After all, these are the stuff of fairytales - woods littered with dead leaves, misty mountains, snow and trolls.

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