August 28, 2011

After five years, it has arrived in mine

No matter how long it will take, a home is bound to get some good news one day, a sudden burst of sunshine in the window no one expected to arrive but arrived anyway, one day, not through the door, but through that which most people would like to see as a space of hope, smaller than the entrance, but an opening, no less.

After five years, it has arrived in mine.

This sense of family is too big and scary, it overpowers me. You can call it love, but love does not encompass how a home is structured, or is being structured, and will be structured. What does the word complete mean, anyway?

I shall call it good news, then. An unexpected whoosh of yellow on that immobile screen carrying a disarray of movements and sounds many would call darkness.


bEx said...

you are writing again... so happy for you.

veraLeigh said...

hi becs. yes, trying to. para naay laing mabuhat gawas sa pag-skuyla sa language of the norse gods :)

when my papers are ok, i'll get a parttime job while continuing the school.