September 14, 2011

The Troll Ladder

This is the Trollstigen or the Troll Ladder.
Imagine a road that follows the curve of a very tall mountainside, ten to eleven sharp bends, and several falls along the way. If the trolls were real, then they have a totally fancy ladder!

I am still trying to know how high the mountain is, but suffice it to say that after driving through the 6-km stretch of bending road and reaching the top where a beautiful viewing deck sits, the cars from down the mountain look like mere ants.

In this album you will also see a picture with small stones placed one on top of the other, the 'varde.' A varde from the ancient times served as a warning system placed on the highest mountaintops to warn the people about danger. It is a huge stone shed to keep the firewood dry, ready to be lighted up when a signal is needed.
Nowadays, people reaching the top of the mountain placed a stone on top of another stone or make a small pile of stones, you know, instead of those silly vandals saying, "*** was here" or something like that.
Although it is popular to use stones as trail markers, here in Trollstigen, and in this mountain up in FĂ„vang which we also visited, and in most of the mountaintops is where you find the varde. People pile them up in the highest peak or in the steepest point of a cliff.

From the capital Oslo, you have to drive approximately 6 hours to reach the Trollstigen. More pictures here

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