December 31, 2007

situation #3

This is not a maybe because I know what she will do. She will leave him and live in another city. She will spend half her money to buy a white car and a one-room bungalow with a garden at the back. She will enroll in a cooking and baking program. In three months time, she will open her own café and give out calling cards for orders and personal deliveries.

But then again there are the children. She will continue to teach chemistry 10 or 12 hours a week, drive a family van, and keep track of dining sets that will always have several missing spoons. She will have to settle for two-week-vacations and pineapple pies that will always be too hard or too soft, never the perfect crust.


blogging mistress on a rest said...

situations: family matters, ver?

tetski said...

isn't that sad?