December 24, 2007

to go looking for your own demon

The film wasn't stitched well. Even the symbolisms didn't attempt to conceal themselves.
But Golden Compass' overall performance still -- excuse the word -- rocks....In our world that exists parallel to yours, our souls reside in animal spirits called dæmons


- rain - said...

i didn't get to watch it kasi la ako narinig na good reviews. should i watch it?

veraLeigh said...

naku, youll have to buy a dvd copy of it somewhere na.

it is not that good as much as its trailer wanted us to believe it is.
you know how trailers are...
but you have to watch it.

blogging mistress on a rest said...

thanks for the tip ver.

i have a tip, too. STARDUST! have you seen? magical love story!

veraLeigh said...

hey blogging-mistress-on-a-rest-and-what-have-yous...

watched stardust twice

and wishing like hell i could get my own babylon candle.