January 4, 2008

catch and release

Since I can't figure out how to do that just yet, I'm making what I will call the etcetera-checklist

"What to do and what not to do" is overrated.

1. Talk less, talk less, talk less.

2. Smile more often. I think I have a dimple on my left cheek and I remember back in high school someone always wants to see it appear so she nags me to always smile.

3. Find the OSTs album of Catch and Release.

4. Remember to call a Monsignor "Monsignor," and the Governor "Governor." No sense in using Ma'am and Sir this time. I guess people have to stick to their designations and I have to live with that even if it sometimes irritates me.

5. Offer my younger brother help when he's stuck with peeling fruit skins for snacks.

6. Take pictures of the Christmas tree when my mother tells me to.

7. Buy that Pantene White Conditioner because Willie from Franzy Hair Salon told me to do so.

8. Memorize Strawberry Fields Forever.

9. Pay my mom 2k.

10. Return rented VCDs and DVDs on time.

11. Talk less, talk less, talk less.

12. Wait for them to talk.

13. Listen.

14. And then maybe talk after.

15. Smile.

16. Use smileys in SMS.

17. Finish reading Junger's The Perfect Storm.

18. Recall the lyrics of the Barney song.

19. Sing.

20. Limit Coke to one bottle a day.

21. Or none at all.

22. Remember that I'll be 23 in 3 or 4 months time.


Chai said...

let's face it. the status of your first item in your etcetera checklist is as good as my will to stop smoking. hahaha. anyhow, do visit my Kurdapya once in a while :) both are now functional. keep it hidden though.

veraLeigh said...

nganong hidden man.

chai, you are my teacher. hehe.

iviviviviviiv said...

vera, we'll be 23 this year!!! major change needed, ASAP! or let's just be happy. how difficult is that?

hi vera!

veraLeigh said...

major change gyud..

like home address and crush list... haha.. murag highschool.

bitaw, how about job description?
ivi, there's an opening in the russian consulate office, kung pwede palang ko, dugay nakong niadto.
ivi, it's for you!!! gow!!