September 22, 2008


Do you choose which pictures to post and what captions to place?

Like, for example,
Insert image
three little plastic cups from a man probably paid 700P a night to give out free drinks to them who look like the world is a bar-to-bar-to-drink-to-drink-to-song-to-song-to-story-to-story-infinite-party-place

Or do you check your Friendster account, see the list on "Who's Viewed Me?" Perhaps someone was curious enough to open your page, see the photos you've posted,

and read "Married" in highlights under status.

There's someone you'd want to forget in a photo carrying a baby
Little NiƱo perhaps?

Missing someone?
Too afraid to try again?

Would you want to have my name run an
anonymous link in your page?
Or would you rather have my name posted in bold,

Vera Female, 23, It's Complicated
Profile Viewed: 58 times
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Location: Philippines
Hometown: Cebu City

floating letters in this online web
from one name to another, part of the access to the "lost and found section" of alternate lives

Do you post words of poets who speak uninhibited fear and of the urgency to take it all in?

"O Sylvia, Sylvia,
with a dead box of stones and spoons???"

Would you sit and stare at the monitor for minutes.
Open Google.
Write a name
click search
that name again under each titled series of words.



I sit and think,
escapeto another page.

Go back.

This time, you're gone.

Last log-in: 54minutes ago.


Chai Fonacier said...

ver, magbuhat pud ko'g ingon ani ha... :)

veraLeigh said...

ay go ateh.
highway under the stars. hehe, kidding.

i like your cat-poem tho. grrr.