September 19, 2008

I call myself The Queen of Atlantis

What's in a, errr, my name.

(tagged by RV)
1. List the names that you are called by and name the people who call you by these names.
2. Tag ten others to do the same thing, paste the link of your entry on their guestbooks.

Li - Mama
Birali - family, and Joan Dulhao
Vera - classmates
Verling - the laundry lady
Beralot - manghod nga lalake, and cousin Maan
Lot - Tita Maricar, most probably a spin-off from Vincent's Beralot - my boss, when she's in a techie and happy mood
Vera Leigh - pa, Jaclyn Velasco (college classmate), cousins from pa's side, and close friends when they're in the mood to point something out to me, say, debunk any of my silly theories on the makings of the human mind
Ver - usually in sms
Lasam - my father's collegues, policemen shouting, "Aha! Anak diay kang Lasam! Lasam!"
Vrals - Rey
Verals - uncles from ma's side
Queen of Atlantis - Russ and myself
Cat - Chai
Veruschka - Liyo
Berang - Leo Lastimosa, yes, sometimes even on-air
Vera Wang (read: VEE-RUH) - FOA gurl and bride-to-be Eloise
Hala Vera!/halabira! - Myke Obenieta
Kalabira! - my bro
Vera Leigh Lasam - Rico Lucena and Vilma Andales while on-air and bantering like there's no tomorrow
Bruha - Kalay
Ms. Vera - some students and interns
Mam - habal-habal drivers

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