September 30, 2008

all my decent shit-holes are in cebu

So I wake up feeling utterly strange.

I just had a dream about not finding a decent toilet anywhere. I wanted to shit and horror of all horrors, frustration of all frustrations, I can't find any place I can shit.
In my dream, my mom was Brooke Shields, trying on a gown that wouldn't fit her in the hip area, but she was all composed and unusually not angry about the gown being too small and all. I was throwing tantrums at her, yelling, uli na ta sa Cebu kay way klaro tanang cr diri!

I shat twice today, Russ told me over our usual g-chat afternoons.
i shat twice. the second more liquid-er than the first. i think it's because of the weird water i drank last night.

And so I told him about my shit-story, and he said the dream was revelational.
It is, I guess.

It seems all my decent shit-holes are in Cebu. Russ, included.

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