October 7, 2008

Tama the supurrCat

Well, well, well...

Here's another supercat. While Dixie the Lost One had a microchip and kinda wowed my yahoo-news session, here comes Tama from Japan with a train stationmaster bling.

You see, Tortoiseshell Tama is worth 1.1 billion yen. She's the star of the Kishi train station.

Tama is a superstar. As the economic might of Japan faces up to the global banking crisis a single cat has boosted the finances of a small Japanese city by millions of dollars.

April of 2006, the station went unmanned as the line was losing money. But Tama stuck around. She rose to national stardom in January 2007 as the railway company formally appointed her as "stationmaster"

Needless to say, tourists came to meet the queen in her throne.

She receives food worth 280 million yen, appears on TV, and has Tama sketches and other souvenir stuff to boot. Pagka-igat :)

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