May 1, 2008

ikyas, layas, lupad

It cannot be avoided.
You graduate from college, you lose those carefree and guiltless days,
you get a job.

It's been more than a year but friends russliyoyenchai and I still struggle with the time we lose being together. It's scary, but yes, maybe we are married to each other (never mind the warning that it's the mantra of the modern-day single girl).
Or maybe it's not really about being together.
Maybe it's about having these constant blank walls where you can strip in front of,
head to toe,

The installation below is, as Russ puts it himself, "our monument."
We take one inflatable, our very own sigbin*.
Russ said I should understand the piece before deciding where I will place my sigbin.
Mine's the only one facing the other way around though. I never really noticed that deviation until after I positioned my sigbin on the ceiling.
Either I am going back to the web and away from the red, spiked balls on the other side,
or I am calling the two others who are still coming out from the web.

"Lima ka sigbin,
pito ka adlaw,
usa ka buslot:

ikyas, layas, lupad"

(installation by russ
panaad text by russ and chai
photos by liyo
inspiration: red brain
locale: Turtle's Nest, Lahug)

*sigbin - feared local mythical creature believed to look like a dog or any four-legged animal, standing upside down

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