April 29, 2008

virtual gifts

salamat, salamat, salamat

"...On the 29th of April 1985, 6 people reached the summit of Mt. Everest, one without the use of bottled oxygen. On that same day, that girl in the picture with me was born."

" are never fully dressed whitout a smile"

"...They wonder, yes,
if you’ve even leaped for it.
wonder how you would fall
and they flee
afraid they could be outshined,
or they might cry
it’ll all be so beautiful
it hurts."

"...what you don't know, she Tagalized herself, in her sweetest way possible, because she just wants you to greet her. It's her birthday, crazy (her fave word, BTW)!"

[[]] "...Inasmuch as that adorable TV series (and your mother's baking) is inventive, Ver, you too, leave us (the bored and ahem, frigid) hanging on to every word, comma, of your animated story telling.A birthday post is a "deliverable" I shall not miss for this Little Miss Boss."

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