May 12, 2008


or on this long-overdue trip taking me home,


Uncles, aunties
and all them grandmas and grandpas from-who's-side-again?
unwrapping, peeling me from head to toe.
Babies, toddlers, babies, toddlers
cousins scratching, clinging, hanging, all together, on the floor, then on me, then barging in from the door, out, in, out, in.

I could bring them all with me, back to the city,
their laughter and incessant questions, repeating, rephrasing, this circus of all ages in a combo of



tinay said...

love this. i love how you crochet random-related-random thoughts. :) btw- i think i saw u at turtle's nest last time when i visited cebu. maybe you looked very familiar kay i stared at your photo one time as i bloghopped. haha.

veraLeigh said...

ako gyud siguro toh, hehe.
i almost always stay there basta walay mabuhat.

veraLeigh said...

i think you look kind of familiar, too.

i liked that "new university" post diay.
i think i'm a qualified student, ma-cumlaude ko there.

tinay said...

hehe. salamat :D iadd tika sa linklist ko, pwede? nakita ta pa jud ka sa outpost that same nite. hala, murag istoker ko. :D

sige sige, padalhan tika form. haha!

veraLeigh said...

ay. how boring and predictable of me, turtles then outpost, ahehe. imo 'ta kong gihapak sa ulo 'pag kakita nimo nako. next time, ha? :)

wukie, exchange links tayo.

tinay said...

haha. sige sige,ispank ko imong lobot ;)

ginlaag-laag ko ni nila: