December 2, 2007

flash and grit

He certainly can talk and strikes you with lines like, "I don't want to live from paycheck to paycheck."
And no dear ladies, I didn't ask him if he has a girlfriend ;P

Flash and Grit
Vera Leigh C. Lasam spars with a mighty heart.

(Sunstar Weekend piece, Nov17'07)

Holding two world titles and nicknamed “The Filipino Flash,” after the cartoon hero, for his speed and strength, Nonito Donaire Jr. is determined and outrightly aggressive when talking about boxing.

Outside the sports, though, the International Boxing Organization (IBO) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) World Flyweight champion can be softspoken, sometimes trailing off in conversation.

“Inside the ring, I’m definitely going for the kill. Outside, I can’t harm a thing. I’m nice, silly, even timid. I even tend to daydream.”

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