December 1, 2007


Mao na ni ron.
Mi-december1 na sab kalit.
October pa man unta to. Bag-o pa gani ko nag-lump og mga pre-halloween trivia.
Mokalit na pud nig January. Ma-windang na sab ko kay maybe, just maybe, maglista ko'g new year's resolutions. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be disciplined enough to follow them.
Magtinarong nako uy.


Chai said...

bitaw no? October pa man to.

December na, ver. Tapos na ang maliligayang araw ko. Di na ko kapanigarilyo. Tabangi ko ha?

veraLeigh said...

di tika tabangan uy

Anonymous said...


I hope i'm not the only one in this site who looks at December from this angle -- Christmas.

I know there are other angles...

* the last days of 2007.
* deadline for 2008's resolutions
* preparation for great disappointment if the resolutions do not work out
* reflecting the past year

but they take away the fun. Christmas, on the other hand, saves it.

Merry Christmas Vera Leigh Lasam.

iviviviviiviv said...


anonymous is me.

veraLeigh said...

ivi, you're cute ;P
for a minute there, i thought you were someone else.

yes, yes, christmas saves...