December 2, 2007

talk about cross-dressing!

Do you know that
"...each year, the women of Olango island must go into the realm of the sea god to entertain him. In return, the sea god then gives the people a sizable portion of his bountiful resources. The men, however, do not wish to send their womenfolk into this perilous journey down under, so each year, men and women cross dress, and the men go in the women's stead."


liyo_denorte said...

uhuh.. the name of the festival and the island which this tradition take place is also quite interesting: "Nilusuan"

but sadly, our national department for tourism is into commercializing festivals to the extent they alter alot of practices and traditions which can no longer be considered indigenous..

veraLeigh said...

wish uban ko ninyo that time sa Olango.
you could have shown me the funky hermit crab.