August 22, 2007


In a strange twist of an innocent chat with a friend, he asked me if I think I'm really Vera Leigh.
I said no.

Vera Leigh sounds very cool to me. I hate the word cool but it's the only word I can think of to describe how my name makes me feel all sunny and powerful.

Vera Leigh

But I haven't felt my name in a long time now.
I miss my name.
The way Vera ends in an a. Not necessarily the a that comes with an h, like ah; just a. This a makes me feel like I'm a real girl. Or a woman poised to show herself off. This a believes she's unique and knows she can pull her confidence off.
And I miss the way Leigh flirts in a curve that doesn't know where to end. It sways. The ey is a confusion to most people. Some would ask me if they ought to say leee. I wrinkle my nose, and say no. It's a lEY. I'm proud of that sway, and I want them to keep it that way.

Vera Leigh complement each other. Perfect together. Once, I believed that only I have that combination of a name in the whole wide world.

About a year ago, I asked my mom how she came up with my name. She told me she was pregnant that time with her still nameless third child when she met this woman in a place called Maasin. The woman told her she has a daughter named Vera Leigh.

My mother must have lodged a little secret in her head that very moment, with the woman's voice trailing off as she began imagining her own Vera Leigh.


Yas Ligtas said...

You're your mom's little secret favorite daughter.

anything else, ver? hehe

liyo_denorte said...

i like it when i twist my tongue when saying your name which usually end a dimple on my left cheek.. =)
how's madam Lasam? (as i fond to call ur mom) i miss myself giggling with her. we usually drink coffee togeher by the patio and bask the morning breeze.. tsk'