August 31, 2007

the day is "pregnant with meaning"

I wish it would be. It's my precious Friday and dawn finds me disappointed with "Blood and Chocolate," the only rented movie I see lying around the house on a sleepy 3-am.

So I do a little planning.
Like go backpack mode and ride a bus alone, go to a town north or south of Cebu, find an old woman sitting alone, sit beside her and talk to her.

But plans are sneaky and tease you most of the time.

So here's what happens.
I talk with someone over the phone until 4am, with a "your silence is pregnant with meaning" on the other side of the line that makes me go yuck while laughing hard. I sleep, wake up at 11 in the morning, and get a little disoriented. I pick up Allende's Eva Luna and stop when the story makes a sad turn. I take a bath after lunch, wear white, and kiss my 3-year-old cousin's juice-splattered face. I go out of the house and ride a blue-colored vehicle; I think to myself that it has to be an ugly blue today, with only a few passengers. I txt my mom, asa ka. She replies with a naa ko sa punta engaƱo li. And although I find myself irritated with not getting someone to treat me to a sinful snack of cake today because my savior is also in one of her unplanned roadtrips, I smile. Li is an unattractive version of my leigh, but I love it when my mom calls me that. I buy a black ukay-ukay blouse, black hair accesories, and black wristwatch. I wear all the black and imagine my near-black colored nails go deep black. I go to the ukay-ukay bookshop that I use to frequent and find nothing worth my 20 or 50 pesos. I ride a PUV, red this time. I call my aunt, ask her what time she goes off from work and promise her a McDo-treat. And then I blog.

So much for my bus ride and chat with an old woman plan.

The day is pregnant with meaning and I will go to McDo now.

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- rain - said...

"The day is pregnant with meaning."

I like that line.