February 21, 2007

walking around

For vera
( how was hongkong
my brown-winged friend?

after earth and all its scents,
your soles burried deep in earth,
you fly on a ray
of the 44th sunset.

three days brimming with your absence
is like
an electric guitar
unplugged by
an angry dad.

how are your
and your
hongkong dollars,
has my orange corduroy jacket
her green one,
and his bag
served you well
in lieu of our company?

we await your tales
and how you became
scarlet johansson
and lost in translating
and how-much-is-this's

and maybe perhaps
by some twist of such an unexpected trip
is someone's unexpected emotions
weaving into yours
to translate
into poetry

three days brimming with your absence
is a cricket at 2am.

take care of the jackets we lent
wrap them around you tight
while we're here

take care of the bag
and bring it home

full of your

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