February 19, 2007

morning market

First day in Hong Kong. Anne, random friend and tour guide, showed me around Hung Hom before I go to Mongkok to meet with news chief and co-reporter. Two other wunderrful friends, Bito (beside Mr. Bean car) and Reymar (dolphin guy) (both traveling musicians and performers like Anne), showed me around Kowloon City (where Hung Hom is located).

That's how 10 Hong Kong dollars sounds in this old lady's mouth selling in Hung Hom's morning market.

Friend! You shout to this old lady and the rest of them sup-mahn guys. Then begins the transaction. This is Hong Kong's version of ukay-ukay by the sidewalks, 5:30 am until 7am.

My rush, spontaneous tour of my first 7 hours in HK.

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