February 21, 2007

first impressions first, Hong Kong trip

(clockwise from top left) old woman at Hong Hum's morning market, early morning walk along Nathan Road's highway, couple on a cold afternoon walk, Sinopec building in background at Tsim Sha Tsui, old man in bus, Nathan Road

The streets are flooded with old men and women, stooped down in work, serving dishes in restaurants, driving cabs and trams, or walking around in their heavy sweaters and jackets.

Kids are almost always in trolleys. Their eyes are the ones I love looking at the most. Not innocent, just waiting there, not afraid.

left, little tourist girl, sidewalk of Tsim Sha Tsui
right, sisters at the Avenue of Stars

left, pink girl in Kowloon
right, father and daughters, Avenue of Stars

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Aimuamwosa said...

i like ur blog tanks for the pics.I will like to know u more