September 8, 2006 ride that bike write about Chai in, as srMyke puts it, "not a rose-colored way" feel how heavy a body can feel along a lonely lagoon littered with big, dried leaves know someone like Tonton want a hug from Mama so badly post this photo of Russ taken that night at Mango Square see Yen in her serene acrobat stunts give Vincent his medicine at half past midnight jog around City Sports Complex text Papa, "kumusta naman ka?" give that Toblerone to Ate Aileen hear Ate Ivy cry see Jessa's sad eyes while the red lights from cars speed by hear Ivi laugh so hard while on the phone get disgusted with fried chicken over lunch meetings be unsure if it will rain or not

...and finally, finally, to ride that bike

Vincent's bike
home, 2002


-raindrops- said...

time to ride that bike, ver.

c'mon. i'll cheer you on.Ü

* diday kampupot * said...

you did it! yey! :)