September 12, 2006

a little bit of "rosy" days for me

No once called to make ammends or say sorry.

But just the same, my days are a little bit "rosy"
Being suddenly comfortable with my half past 1am insomniac self, I smile over beeps of text messages in raw honesty. To know someone who's not hung up with love and romance, and sees it more logical to get comfortable with each other and then know more and be more, is to know him.

scattered rose petals on Sunday's early morning table
home, 2000

And sleeping in Vincent and Van's bed is to feel that I am a sister after all. Resting while the lights are off, and not irritated when it turned on to Ate Ivy's triumphant job application, for that work she wanted so much, is to sleep without the memory of her tears.

Seeing Mama cross-stitch all those colorful Xs, is to be reminded of gardens drawn in elementary books, some pages of which I color, the petals almost always in yellow and the center circle in red.

Missing Yen Liyo Chai and Russ, is smiling myself to silent prayers and air kisses for those four friends somewhere out there.

Hearts everywhere.
It is to believe in happy days ahead.

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