September 14, 2006

Happy in Love

at the Parola ng Bagacay, 2006

This is crazy. Posting a photo of myself in a smile.
But then again, the yellows of my days are back, so better indulge in this carefree air.

All the world's a room with windows I have to open.
Why not wait for sunshine this time?

I'm holding myself tighter in deliberate patience and careful understanding of people these days. And I totally love how these make the days a little lighter in the heart.

Cheers to sunshine and black, dangling earrings.
'hope Chai will wear it again to church or onstage this Saturday, maybe.

Ohgod, I miss my friends terribly. I can't wait to sit with them again.

Even under a moonless sky, poetry touches us all.
Ah, the world and its circling paths. 'have to take a spin then. **smile*


* diday kampupot * said...

wow pretty girl! :) u look sunshiny! good for yah! michael should see this. nyahahaha kidding.

rudyman said...

wow happy happy days. :)

veraLeigh said...

*tweena* >> He's sooo out of the picture already. hehe. I'm reserving the smile for someone else. I'm happy, crazy infatuated. It's fun when you meet a deeper soul... kakainis si chai hindi malalaman ang kwento ko.
at ikaw naman, magsulat ka na ulit, k?

rudyman >> happy happy days! :) maybe it'll last long, maybe it won't. but i'm happy, that would keep me up and about in crazy twirls...ikaw, how are you?

* diday kampupot * said...

vera, really? :) i went "aaaawww..." here. that's great news! im happy for u *wink wink*

yeah, let's not worry if it'll last or not. take pleasure in the here and now. :)

*bounce bounce*

and btw, naptime's extended... :)