September 18, 2006


Another of those blue pills again for me today.
I AM getting sick, again. I hate it when I get sleepy and cold while at work. The papers in front of me get annoying. The computer screen looks too dumb. The pens look like emptied choki-choki, those chocolate-filled stick plastics kids buy at 1P each.

Last Sunday, I sneaked out from the Press Freedom Week first-day celebration. I felt too sick and too out of place in my black blouse against the yellows (or oranges) of Sunstar, blues and whites of Cebu Daily News, and a splash of multi-colored shirts of ABSCBN. There were other colors and banners from other press groups, but I was getting too dizzy to notice. So after the mass officiated by Cardinal Vidal himself, I sneaked out of the Capitol Hall. I went to SM instead with Russ and Yenyen. After getting drowned with all the slipper designs, Russ finally chose that pair from Artwork. Three little souls dragging their feet and bodies along mobbed mall walkways.

Today's Monday is surprisingly boring and a bit laxed. And FINALLY, finally, I finished that Asiatown I.T. Park article which has been bothering me for two months now. Now, I have two other articles to finish outside these office walls. 'have to finish that about Chai and that about the hand-and-finger (and arm, actually) painter for Sunstar Weekend.

I love this warpzoning stuff and all, from print to broadcast TV, to closed corporate office works. I love this. So please forgive me, my frail body and angry eyes. I'm young and I want more and I have more enthusiasm than this beating heart of mine can imagine.

But these are loose ends. I have to do something bigger than this picture.
I have to learn, re-learn, fail a little, cry a little, shout, and cry again, and learn some more.
I'm still a bit of a sorry glob in this big a world.
But learning is fun and for the life of me, I will not stop until... **eyebrows meeting*


Mayette Q. Tabada said...

Nice to see you're still intense after months (is it now a year?) in the work force :-) Only a Vera could make flowers on pavement look like doused flames of regret. Amping and ayoayo, manang!

veraLeigh said...

...i'd like to see myself happy someday.

kanus-a man?