October 30, 2010

No Stopping Anytime

August 4, 2010

No Stopping Anytime

Among other things, all is full of love. The world is balanced by believers and skeptics, from people to stories in books and films, real and fiction. The most essential thing however, is that I did it, and will do it several times over, because I have this incredible feeling of warmth and honesty from within. And from that, happiness.

I remember that day in streaks of orange, echoing church walls, heavy robes, the city-scape blanketed in fog, the insistence of rain, impossible reunions coming true, the childlike shower of confetti, a blur of wishes and faces.

And above all things, his smile.

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liyo denorte said...


congrats on ur wedding day..

an echoe from a heart, i could only hear it whispers: such a lovely day today

best wishes,