July 11, 2010

Short stories can be translated into long ones, 'depends who you talk to.

To avoid comments and what-nots on how I do my job, and to actually see if there will actually be a difference in my moves, I veered away from blogging. Now, I will try to blog. Again. It was tiring keeping them in one corner, while they move anxious and restless in between days filled with my oftentimes incapacity to differentiate news and prose, the rush of one-liners, the condensed versions of long interviews, and the blatant summary of who we are: a third world country.


- litol figgy - said...

i just like hearing people's thoughts no matter how convoluted, confusing or comical they are. :) welcome back!

veraLeigh said...

@litol-figgy -- myged, na-miss ko ang blogspot!