March 9, 2009

I met a man

It's all about timing, I guess. He came, or I came, at a time when things are beginning to take hold on both our worlds. Or the worlds of the people around us.Some nights I think there's a grand plan somewhere, that no matter how this part of my life ends, it IS for the taking, now, today, tomorrow, and the day after that, while there is still something to hold on to. Some nights I fear I will lose this again, drive him away, tip the balance-scale dangerously, suddenly, surprising him, hitting him in the middle of the night, while he sleeps beside me, or while I sleep beside him, when nothing with the day that just passed by said something, something is about to happen, an inevitable running away.


- litol figgy - said...

HOOOOY! Ano ititch? Kaya ka ba nawala sa sirkulasyon? dahil sa isang otoku??? :)

niki said...

I feel this post.

Love they say, is not for the faint-hearted. Good luck, savor every moment, don't let the boogeymen scare you. :)

veraLeigh said...

hindi naman, i just didn't post stuff here, yun lang. :)

veraLeigh said...

hi niki. yeah, savor every moment :)

blogging mistress on a rest said...

ver, am i right to assume this is about...?

this is beautiful. somehow, you're among the very few people who i understand tho they turn poetic when romanced.