March 26, 2009

For the love of God and all stories that can be written in one email

Stop telling me who I am because even I don't know myself yet. Get your own mirror. Spell sex. Eat Western food. Find a decent job. Rebel. Travel. Introduce yourself as the assasin. Or, introduce yourself as a nun. Pray. Excuse me. Excuse yourself. Smoke. Sing Britney Spears. Get the governor to talk. Say you deserve love. Say you prefer the internet. Talk to it. Talk to me. Watch the moon. Wish you were a fisherman. Smell fish. Love me. Hate me. Swim because there's nowhere else to go to. Dread birthdays. Forget anniversaries. Disconnect.

Inevitably, strip.


tinay patadyong said...

I love this. some lines, i wished i could have written on dilapidated arm chairs. :)

nindot kaayo ver :)

blogging mistress on a rest said...

ver, cool lang.
you sounded angry. like you were shouting those phrases at somebody.

anyway, i'm here! i haven't visited for a loooooong time and it actually feels good to be back. reminds me of some years back.

cool ka lang ver ha. and please, the next time you call, not only to let me check your email. hehe miss you vera leigh.

eat pray love (matud pa sa libro).