January 8, 2009

you can never tell with waves

You can never tell with waves.
One day they tease, the next they say do not look at me, I am angry, you'll drown.

I sat facing the ocean early morning today because I wanted to tell myself I can start the day right, I can wake up earlier than the sun, I can be happy watching people pass me by, jogging their own early mornings away.

There is a young man walking a weary-looking black dog. There is a sporty grandma in her striped, collared shirt who double-checked to see if it was really natural oregano drink I was bringing with me. We smiled at each other. A young father walks by, little girl in tow, pigtails and yellow skirt on the daughter, and the father, pink umbrella tucked under his arm. Another child-adult pair passed by, this time wearing almost-identical outfits; the grandmother looks dreamy and a bit silly in her blue-colored eyebrows, the grandson especially curious about the fat man who sat down very near me. They come with the child's father then, I can see him now, taking pictures of his son and of his mother or mother-in-law; they look so happy they might as well wear rainbow-colored costumes and tap-dance in front of me.

I miss my mom.
And I miss my father.

I sat facing the ocean early morning today because I thought I can contemplate on how peace can be found in small cities.

But the holidays are over, the first three months of automatic happiness are starting to fade. I begin to think of home.


- litol figgy - said...

maybe the ocean's that - a pool of tears - both of joy and pain.

*hug, ver*

veraLeigh said...

hi little piggy. hehe.

it's a friday tonight, im gonna go party the night till i drop down with exhaustion and laughter. haha.

Retro Manila said...

I missed you writing, telling things like this.

With waves and with so many other things, you can never ever tell. :)

veraLeigh said...

retro manila >> ahyeah. haha. i remember i was like the blue-mountain mode back in college (remember that?) and you had comments and all. :)