January 6, 2009

improvised chroma

Ma got this place in Lapu-lapu, the row-house type, like matchboxes lined together. There are 100-plus units here, all cute houses, you'd wonder how they divide the 32-sq-m-of-a-box into a home.

Ma got hers for her bakery. I suspect she got this as her hide-away, hehe. I came home for the new year, spent the 1st day in our house in Apas, and spent the 2nd here, with Ma, only the two of us like little school girls alternating watching dvds and going online (we attend to the customers, too, of course).

This morning we decided to do a photo-shoot, using the ever-dependable improvised divider covered with green cloth. It does make up for a great chroma. Ma wore this black dress which I'd really love to steal from her (maybe later when she sleeps :D), I'm in house clothes, the yellow ones which may make you look sickly, hehe.


- figgy - said...

i still say, you two could really pass off as sisters. :)

veraLeigh said...

yeah, Mama gets that all the time.

and to think I'm her third child. I have two sisters ahead of me, the eldest just turned 26.