September 4, 2008

do the rope walk

Rope Walk Girls

You see, honey,
My friend and I
she and I
we're the rope walk girls
we're the rope walk girls
and we tap tap tap
on the rope of
love, bay-beh!

We're the rope walk girls
and we tap tap tap
to a jazz beat war drum

bugs bunny once said
to not take life too seriously

so, she and I
we're the rope walk girls
our feet
tap tap tap the music
on this tight rope
we do the dat-dat-dah
and we Boop-bam!

but you can't hear it
bet you can't hear it
but you can't hear it
what a shame you can't hear it
it sounds like:

(Vera, to us.)

chai says, ang "rope walk girls" i saw on someone's shirt this morning and i thought about kita duha, hahahha.

well that's just cute.

there is a book, the rope walk. coincidentally, the main character, a 10-year-old, is named Alice; i haven't read it, but the name (including character inspiration) must have spun off from THE alice in wonderland herself, the "alice" that chai becomes in most of her works.

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- rain - said...

di ako naging fan ng PDA (di naman dahil ABS yun) dahil lang ayoko magpaalipin gabi-gabi sa TV (kahit pa TV ang buhay ko. labo! hehe.)pero alam mo bang fan ako ng poetry ni chai? ala lang. :)

veraLeigh said...

ang cute ng ateh.
kilala ka na ni chai, mentioned you a few times, the last was during your wedding day and i was so frustrated that i wasnt able to go.