August 13, 2008

welcome, stranger

Do I miss home? Probably.
Am I angry, still? Most probably.
Am I getting melancholic yet again? No.
Have I gone to church? No.
Had my nails painted light pink? Not yet.
Slept naked inside the bathroom? Yes.

So here's the thing.

I'm happy here. That's the self-diagnosis after 10 days of familiarizing the Negros Oriental map, 6 to 7 aired news stories, 4 missed lunch meals, 7 calls to family and close friends, a dozen room-and/or-apartment choices, 4 kilos of laundry, 2 calls to check on L, 2 liters of coke, one T.V. series, 6 movies, and yes, only 3 bottles of beer.

And guess what.
I still talk to strangers.


mawixs said...

ug sa dihang nganong nagparelocate man ka? grabe na jud ang baha sa Apas? misyu wala ka cookout...

vera said...

nya magkabuang nasad tag pangitag mainom!?

have i told you na that time we went sa greenplace nya naay nagtapok nga mga koreans, nagkagubot naman diay to, and one of our news teams naa didto and they saw me, and they thought i saw them, too, but nitago lang ko and nidagan with you?


visit me?
comment in multiply. why here?
altho yeah, wa nasad kaayo ni diri sa blogspot comment da.

Chai Fonacier said...

lingaw noh?

veraLeigh said...

aw, perti!

mawixs said...

lingaw bitaw to sa!!! hmm i think never again ta maglisod ug pangitag mainom uy... i now know places haha...

blogging mistress on a rest said...

dear vera,

uy i tried calling you before i left because i wanted to give you a package (of what?!? secret!!!). are you sure your phone never registered my missed call? you didn't answer it!!!

anyway ver, i'm guilty. i haven't been blog hopping (not even to yours) so i was SO surprised when leo told me at the cookout that you're already dumaguete-based. you. never. even. texted. not. even. in. your. one. word. text message. mode. for example: i'm in dumaguete na. for good. or something like that.

anyway ver (second), i'm half half happy to hear that. i think if we move elsewhere, basta away from home, we will grow. i hope you already feel it. the other half of me is sad because you know, you're away. we never see each other in cebu that many times. now that you're in dumaguete, samut na. but anyway... (this is my favorite word of this post).

about me now: yep, i resigned already ver!!! can you believe it?!? i cant believe it. but im based here in ormoc na, so i have to believe it. i underwent a bit of a depression upon arriving here in ormoc -- i think it was chiefly the realization that i'm now a useless member of the society hehehe -- but now i have fully recovered -- after squeaky-cleaning my sister's room.

anyway, have to go... naa pa ko assignment. bye :)

please take care always ha!

veraLeigh said...

ahaha, ok you got me.
your number did register a missed call. i think i was sleeping when you called.
and i was busy with my career overhaul that i wasn't able to call you back.

i knew there was something gyud diay.

how does a dumaguete weekend visit sound to you?

blogging mistress on a rest said...

dumaguete visit? sounds good of course esp that ive never been there! will see nya if i can squeeze it into my "schedule" -- not that it's not made of many holes in to which a dumaguete visit can squeeze itself, so it might happen. cross thy fingers ver that my planning will finally become happenings.

for the meantime, please take care of yourself.

hey, im going to cebu end-this week. want to hand my package for you, through anybody who can be trusted with this package, and with getting this package to you? yen? russ? please advise!

veraLeigh said...

russ or chai :)

im excited! unsa kahay naa...

- rain - said...

don't ever stop talking to strangers. :)

veraLeigh said...

how else would i have known you, db?

**hugs wifee of also-stranger kramer

Chai Fonacier said...

o, nya amo dayon abrihan imo package, nya di namo ihatag nimo.

now, are you shooor we can be trusted?!

harhar. bitaw ver oi. unsa man ni nga kinabuhi oi. hahahaha.

- rain - said...


*hugs back STRANGEr ver* :)