July 17, 2008

go red

Pick a grinning boyfriend.
Match your nails with a random house's newly-painted gate.
Take your wallet out and see how it fits your mood.


Chai said...

the things we do to stay alive.

visit my Kurdapya cave. it's been refurbished with new furniture.

veraLeigh said...

you changed it to brown-something.

by the way, they're green now. the nails, i mean. eheh.

Chai said...

how do you join this blog groups thing here on blogspot?

veraLeigh said...

na, it's kinda bati.
i forgot though how to do it. somewhere in the settings.

i tried it once, and what happens is, kamo tanan can write in one blog.
ok ra kung kintahay kita or a news blog where a group of contributors post regularly.