March 21, 2008


Last night, I slept with this large-sized sketchpad I bought in Dumaguete last year.

I took it out from the closet yesterday.
Only four of its pages had writings in them.
The first page had this crazy drawing of my palm I traced with a pencil. Inside the palm is an unforgivable version of a street lamp. The rest of the page had writings I can hardly read except:
twin signages, to dumaguete (arrow), to bacolod (arrow).
The next two pages were lyrics of KT Tunstall songs I transcribed.
The fourth page had pull-out sentences from poems of Mark Haddon in The Talking Horse and the Sad Girl and the Village Under the Sea.

Colleague (and yen's hubby) Dx got all confused why I had to buy the sketchpad, knowing I had no slightest talent whatsoever in visual art. No reason, I told him and proceeded to distract him with questions about work.

Maybe it was the texture of the pages. Or maybe it was because I had to comfort myself by getting something I can buy after seeing that really pricey tag on a Margaret Atwood book. Or maybe because I remembered my elder sister and her accumulated drawings of a happy family.

And if I remember right, I slept with a prayer that all those words would form hazy patterns I would later call a happy dream when I wake up the next day.

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blogging mistress on a rest said...

i love sketchpads!
i used to have a pile of them yellow, small, sketchpads from national bookstore and i would buy a pack of crayons and color pencils to play with.

i usually would just fill up the first few pages. FEW as in just 6 pages of them. i guess it's just about having them on my desk, 24/7 ready when the need for it comes. like books, i'm more of a collector than a reader, though i love both at the same rate. i'm just a fast collector but a painfully, painfully, slow reader.

and here comes this woman over her 70s na bato siya, listed by amazon as its most frequent reviewer... she said, "i can't believe those people who finish a book in a week."

ha, what do you say of them who finish it in 3 months?