March 22, 2008

HSM dolls

Once upon a time, we were kids and believed in all things bright and beautiful.

Foreign representation man nga matawag,
jumping high is still universal.

Watched 1 and 2 (plus the concert) a dozen times now and I'm going half-gaga over them.

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blogging mistress on a rest said...

haha same here ver

it's weird because you like the likes of virginia woolf and margaret atwood but you do not mind watching a bunch of high schoolers dancing and talking about boys, school, boys...

extreeeeeeem, dont you think?

i also like writers who make me think (because i need to do more thinking jud) and cry, but i LOVE watching zac efron and vanessa hudgen, and searching omg, perez hilton for clues about what they are now hahah together or not together? hahah

our little big quirks.